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  1. Inhabitat
  2. Mocoloco
  3. Dezeen
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  5. The Coolhunter
  6. Dwell Blog
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Architecture can be a challenging and sometimes stressful major, but you can help yourself stay informed and get creative new ideas by keeping on top of the news through the use of the Internet. With many architects blogging, and loads of resources and information out there, it can be well worth your time to check out at least a few blogs in your free time or to help you with a project. Here’s a list of 50 blogs and helpful sites we think are great sources for architecture majors.

Top Blogs

These blogs cover a wide range of subjects and can be great reading material.

  1. A Daily Dose of ArchitectureBlogger John Hill, a New York City resident and architecture student, posts his almost daily musings on architecture from around the world.
  2. anArchitectureThis blog is written by Austrian Christoph Wassmann and contains a variety of links, news and commentary on the field of architecture.
  3. BLDGBLOGWritten by Archinect team member, writer and editor for DWELL magazine Geoff Manaugh, this blog contains posts on design, architecture and landscape design.
  4. a456Here you’ll find a variety of thoughts, commentary and ideas on design and architecture from Enrique Ramirez, a Ph.D. student in History and Theory of Architecture at Princeton.
  5. ArchinectWhile not a single blog in itself, this site brings together architecture blogs from schools around the world in order to create a more cohesive and collaborative field.
  6. City of SoundThis blog covers a range of issues from music to architecture. It’s written by a director at Monocle, Dan Hill, who explores the relationship between form and function in the buildings and cities we inhabit.
  7. InhabitatHere you’ll find green and sustainable design news, especially on issues related to architecture.
  8. Interactive ArchitectureDiploma thesis tutor Ruairi Glynn created this blog as a place to collect ideas about how students at the Bartlett School of Architecture and elsewhere can create architectural installations that require interaction and activity.
  9. PrunedThis blog is dedicated to showing how landscape forms a big part of overall design, and the blog is written by landscape architect Alexander Trevi.
  10. Super ColossalBased in Australia, this design firm’s blog covers issues related to a range of design and architecture related topics.

Architecture News

Stay on the edge of the field of architecture with these news-filled blogs.

  1. ArchNewsNowThis blog makes it easy to keep up with the latest and greatest moves in the architecture world. You can read the blog or sign up for the newsletter to get news delivered right to you.
  2. Architecture PlanetThis site aggregates news from sites all over the Web that have to do with architecture. You can find a wide range of stories, information and links to keep you busy.
  3. Modern Architecture Design NewsFind loads of pictures and news stories about the latest in modern architecture on this blog.
  4. Architecture LabThis online magazine and news site provides access to all kinds of new and up-to-date information on architecture.

Blogs By Architects

Check out these blogs by architects to see what other kind of work is being done out there.

  1. ArchitectureThis blogger is an architect in a big firm in Singapore, and the blog focuses on new ideas and urban living, especially in Singapore and surrounding areas.
  2. Life Without BuildingsWhile the title of this blog may imply otherwise, it’s actually all about architecture. You’ll find hundreds of photos and commentary on modern buildings and postmodern design.
  3. Architecture + MoralityThree bloggers, a civil engineer, an architect and a pastor, use this blog as a forum to discuss a range of social issues behind architecture.
  4. Arkitec TRUERun by Long Beach architect Yelda Horozoglu, this blog covers ideas on urban planning, design and architecture.
  5. Continuity in ArchitectureThis blog is a teaching forum created by architecture professors at the Manchester School of Architecture and contains a scholarly perspective on architecture related themes.
  6. TessellarThe author of this blog, architect Mazlin Ghazali, resides in Malaysia and describes his idea to create communities based on a honeycomb based shape in order to create a better layout for communities and housing.
  7. The Architecture of FearThis blog was created by George Agnew during his time at Columbia University’s School of Architecture and explores the ideas of how architecture functions with war, terror and fear.

Green Building Blogs

Green and sustainable building is a big part of architecture these days, so learn all about it on these sites.

  1. BLYGADThe name of this blog, which stands for Blog Like You Give a Damn, is written by Colin Kloecker for the Architecture for Humanity in Minnesota. This organization is focused on creating sustainable architecture worldwide.
  2. Earth ArchitectureThis blog is dedicated to buildings that have been constructed from natural materials like dirt, mud and bricks.
  3. Eco TectureHere you’ll find information that focuses on green build projects in cities like Chicago, Brooklyn and London.
  4. TreehuggerWhile this blog focuses on a number of issues related to environmentalism, it contains a large section on green architecture and design, which can be a great resource for those interested in the cutting edge of green building.
  5. greenbuildingsNYCCheck out the latest green buildings in NYC and plans for new construction on this eco-focused blog.

Architecture Photography Blogs

These blogs focus on documenting architecture through photos and can not only be a good read but great eye candy as well.

  1. FotoFacadeArchitectural photographer Andy Marshall shares his photos in this extensive photography blog, with both new and old buildings being represented.
  2. B.E.L.TStanding for Build Environment in Layman’s Terms, this blog contains photography and commentary by professional Toby Weiss.
  3. URBANPHOTOThis blog contains photos from all over the world of urban environments, buildings and people.
  4. BluejakeThis amateur photographer shares his photos of New York City, both of the architecture within it and the people who reside there. New photos are posted regularly.
  5. Chicago UncommonHere you’ll find photos from all over Chicago of the buildings, gardens and more that make up its neighborhoods and landmarks.
  6. The Urban ObserverThis blog not only offers regular photography but commentary, observations and more that deal with the urban environment in Chicago and cities all over.
  7. Eye CandyBlogger and architect Eric shares photos of buildings old and new from all over, with the purpose of improving the level of design.
  8. Offbeat HomesBrowse through photos of all kinds of unique homes in this fun blog.

Landscape Architecture Blogs

Those more interested in the landscape around the buildings rather than the buildings themselves can find some pertinent information on landscape architecture in these blogs.

  1. Aesthetic GroundsWritten by landscape architect and public artist Glenn Weiss, this blog focuses on projects that get people involved with their environments through art and design.
  2. Free SoilThis blog’s purpose is to share ideas about landscape design that work to create effective landscapes that work with their natural settings to create sustainable and functional outdoor spaces.
  3. Land + LivingHere you’ll find news on landscape design issues from all over the world that focus on thoroughly modern design.
  4. The DirtThe American Society of Landscape Architects runs this blog which shares news and views on ongoing projects and conceptions throughout the nation.
  5. Turned EarthThe blog of landscape design firm O’Connell Landscape, this blog covers design, planting furniture and anything else that forms part of an outdoor environment.

Reference and Publications

These sites provide reference material and access to online publications on architecture.

  1. Center for Universal DesignThis group aims to make buildings accessible to all people, even those with limiting disabilities. Ensure your designs allow for all to enjoy them by giving this site a look.
  2. ArtLex Dictionary of Visual ArtFind definitions of thousands of art and architecture terms in this helpful reference tool.
  3. TechStreetIf you want to build things you need to know what building and safety codes you’ll need to comply with. This site provides an easy place to find all the information you need on these and more.
  4. Architectural RecordThis publication from McGraw Hill shares news and articles in this regularly updated online format.
  5. Architype ReviewHere you’ll find a forum to discuss architectural typologies like schools, libraries, parking garages and more, and how these types affect design. It can be a great place to look if you’re trying to think outside of the box for new designs.

Buildings and Architects

Get some background on great buildings and famous architects from these resources.

  1. Great BuildingsFrom country to country and throughout time, this site covers the great buildings and is a great reference and inspirational site.
  2. AGRAMThis site focuses on some of history’s most important architects, providing background information and photos of their well-known buildings.
  3. ArchINFORMHere you’ll find a huge online database of architects and buildings which has been described as one of the most useful architecture resources on the Internet.
  4. High Rise Buildings DatabaseLove skyscrapers? You can read all about them with information from this site.
  5. National Register of Historic PlacesFind out what buildings hold historical significance in your city or anywhere in the United States.
  6. Famous ArchitectsThis site brings together a huge archive of information on the world’s most famous and influential architects and can be a great reference for a class project.

Top 100 Interior Design Blogs

Like any other form of art and self-expression, interior decorating requires an intimate knowledge of color, line, shape, texture, perspective, and the other elements of design. Amateurs and professionals alike familiar with what constitutes a working, aesthetic room within certain budget, space, and stylistic guidelines have thousands – if not millions – of options open to them when it comes to finding something unique and personal. But creativity does not exist in a vacuum, and those in need of advice and ideas can simply head to the internet to discover exactly what they want. The following blogs offer up plenty for those who feel as if they hit a roadblock in their decorating, need some ideas to get started, or simply want a bit of a push when it comes to finding a product. Far more interior design blogs exist beyond this, of course, with each one offering something different to its reader base. Please use these listed here as excellent resources, but understand that the value of the unlisted others as well.

interiordesign11. Apartment Therapy : One of the most popular interior design websites on the internet, Apartment Therapy showcases innovative works from 6 different American cities.

2. Ikea Hacker : Popular among the budgeted, postmodernist, and DIY sets, IKEA furniture has much more to offer than sitting there and looking very, very European.

3. COCOCOZY : This eclectic blog by a Los Angeles-based interior design hobbyists covers a nice variety of different styles.

4. PadStyle : Fans of unusual and innovative design will appreciate everything that PadStyle discusses, which tends towards postmodern and contemporary furniture and accessories.

5. Breathe Modern : LateMag showcases the latest trends and ideas that come to shape modern design as it exists today and as it will appear in the future.

6. Material Girls : Interior designers from 5 different American cities discuss the latest decorating trends and events in their respective areas.

7. Design*Sponge : No matter what readers are looking for in regards to interior decorating, Design*Sponge has plenty of advice for a wide range of styles, budgets, and spaces.

interiordesign28. Tiny-Ass Apartment : Apartment and loft dwellers seem tragically underrepresented when it comes to interior design blogs, but this one offers up quite a bit of advice to suit their restrictions.

9. Patricia Gray Interior Design : Stay updated on all the latest decorating trends and tips from an award-winning interior designer from Vancouver.

10. MoCo Loco : Although the blog features a non-traditional layout that some may find difficult to peruse, MoCo Loco is a must-see for anyone who enjoys modern and contemporary pieces.

11. Carolina Eclectic : The Carolina Eclectic blog loves featuring a broad variety of stylistic preferences appropriate for residential areas.

12. decor8 : No matter the taste or the space, decor8 has something to offer anyone in need of a little design inspiration.

13. Hatch : Quirky, funky, and extremely creative designs and designers alike comprise the majority of the content featured at Design Public’s official blog.

14. The City Sage : Fashion and interior design merge together to provide an interesting, informative resource for anyone hoping for a little decorating inspiration.

15. Inhabitat : House or apartment dwellers concerned about living within environmentally-friendly standards ought to check out the latest developments from the highly respected Inhabitat.

16. decorology : Classic and modern sensibilities converge to offer up inspiration suitable for a wide variety of personal aesthetics.

17. Yanko Design : Yanko caters to readers with a fondness for minimalistic, industrial design work, though every once in a while something that is not attempting to linger on the cutting edge will crop up.

interiordesign318. Velvet & Linen : Brooke Giannetti enjoys more rustic, classic designs, and her blog serves as a great starting point for anyone needing a bit of inspiration.

19. avant-garde : Anyone hoping for a few ideas in the vein of edgy, postmodern interior design and fashion will find quite a bit to enjoy on this blog.

20. Dezeen : Look over all the latest trends in architecture, interior design, and fashion with this stylish, cutting-edge blog.

21. beachbungalow8 : Though a somewhat general lifestyle blog, the vast majority of entries on beachbungalow8 pertain to interior decorating with a rather casual style.

22. belle maison : belle maison features beautiful home décor items and some striking pieces of furniture to inspire its readers.

23. Decorator On Demand : Interior designer Marie Cole weighs in on almost every element of her art to provide ideas for her readers.

24. CoolBoom : Read about the latest cutting-edge trends in not only interior design, but architecture and fashion as well.

25. Beautiful Bones Design : Browse this excellent blog for information on some intriguing new products and movements within the interior decorating industry.

interiordesign426. DesignBoston : Though emphasizing design as it relates to Boston, anyone, anywhere can still appreciate and find interest in all the postings.

27. Good Bones Great Pieces : A highly respected mother-daughter team of interior designers offer up their insights and experiences to help readers find looks that work well for them.

28. Daily Icon : Browse through stunning photos depicting amazing architecture and interiors for ideas and inspiration on designing personal spaces.

29. The Decorating Diva : The Decorating Diva is one of the most comprehensive interior design blogs available, with a wealth of information for every room, budget, space, and style.

30. Poised to Move : Updated monthly, Poised to Move serves as a sort of blog-newsletter hybrid that summarizes the latest news and developments in easily digestible chunks.

31. HAUTE*NATURE : Taking inspiration from green initiatives, HAUTE*NATURE proves that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

32. Simplified Bee : Frazzled mothers needing durable designs that withstand contact with often clumsy small children love the tips and tricks offered by Simplified Bee.

33. Apartment 123 : In spite of operating a general lifestyle blog, Apartment 123 writer Christina Ramirez provides quite a bit of advice on stylish interior design along with her recipes and fashion tips.

34. Addicted 2 Decorating : Aspiring interior decorators with a love of DIY projects and stories of trends and news within the community ought to drop by and see what Addicted 2 Decorating has to offer.

35. Home Design Find : No matter one’s personal style, Home Design Find has something new and exciting that may pique their interest.

36. Decoist : Decoist features some of the latest trends and innovations in contemporary, postmodern design and architecture.

interiordesign537. coochicoos : Everything on coochicoos revolves around babies – not only the interior design for their nurseries, but their clothes and accessories as well.

38. High Fashion Home : Anyone looking to decorate their homes or offices with trendy designer pieces will greatly enjoy browsing High Fashion Home’s extensive archive of photos and advice.

39. the interior motive : Jazz Waheed discusses renovations, trends, and news from within the interior decorating community.

40. Modern Design Blog : Discussions on issues relating to contemporary interior design, fashion, architecture, and home décor and goods comprise the bulk of this blog’s content.

41. The Love List : Fans of Southern style and sensibilities will enjoy seeing how Jessica Nell Graves infuses a sense of edge into old traditional standbys.

42. Chair Blog : Like a good rug, a chair can really tie a room together. Stay updated on innovative, creative, and traditional chair designs to learn how to pick the very best for a room.

43. Green Your Décor : Learn how to decorate a home using products made using sustainable practices and materials in order to reduce negative environmental impact.

44. 2Modern Design Talk : Beyond interior decorating, 2Modern also looks at art, architecture, books, food, and many, many, other elements of design

interiordesign645. A Schematic Life : Michelle Moreland shares sketches and photos of her myriad interior design projects as well as others she finds valuable to anyone hoping to decorate their home.

46. Simple Solutions : Interior design does not have to be a headache for those involved. Simple Solutions offers exactly what the title implies.

47. : Home décor is one of the many amazing things featured on this fantastic resource for all things contemporary and modern.

48. Home-Designing : Home-Designing covers almost every facet of interior decorating, making sure to cover an extensive variety of items suitable for most tastes.

49. The Adventures of Tartanscot : Interior designer Scot Meacham Wood shows off the pictures and trends that inspire his own work with the hopes that others may find them useful as well.

50. Diana Paparo Studio, Ltd. : Keep track of the projects Diana Paparo Studio deals with on a regular basis, usually with an eye towards luxury.

51. ::Surroundings:: : New England Home Magazine’s official blog travels through that particular region of the United States to bring readers the most dramatic and aesthetic examples of interior design.

52. The Design File : The Design File purposely seeks out some of the most fun, quirky, and interesting pieces of furniture and home décor it can find to share with its viewers.

53. GrassrootsModern : All of the design work featured at GrassrootsModern is picked specifically for its affordability and fashionable, appealing style.

54. Brilliante Home Décor & Staging : Fans of Italian (specifically Milanese) design will adore this sophisticated blog that updates with news and trends from one of the leading fashionable nations.

interiordesign755. Yossawat : Browse a stunning showcase of ornate and simplistic interiors for inspiration and ideas for the home or office.

56. Molly Frey Design : Experienced interior decorator Molly Frey enjoys creating spaces that look clean and laid-back, and her blog reflects these sensibilities.

57. qerat : Amman-based furniture designer qerat creates and shows off some absolutely beautiful modernist, postmodernist, and contemporary pieces for the discerning interior designer.

58. desire to inspire : Find inspiration with the myriad photos, news, trends, tips, and tricks offered up by a bevy of respected, experienced interior designers.

59. Pure Style Home : Read through Pure Style home for a few DIY projects and ideas for simple, stylish home décor.

60. STYLEBEAT : Marisa Marcantonio served as the style editor for both House Beautiful and O at Home, and here she shares her thoughts on new trends and innovations within her field.

61. Contemporist : Peruse the extensive and impressive archives of Contemporist for ideas and inspiration about, of course, modern and contemporary design.

62. Meade Design Group : This impressive “Renaissance-studio” works in both interior and graphic design, blogging about both as well as their interactions with one another.

63. Dale’s HD Inspiration : Although Dale’s HD Inspiration focuses on trends in hotel and hospitality design, house and apartment dwellers will still find something of interest when it comes to furnishing limited spaces.

interiordesign864. escapade : Declaring itself “in search of a life more fabulous,” escapade explores trends and ideas in regards to home and apparel style.

65. DesignTies : Bloggers and interior designers Kelly James and Victoria Lambert show off their projects with the hope of inspiring others to find styles and sensibilities that suit them.

66. sub-studio design blog : Alongside home décor, the sub-studio design blog also discusses trends and fashions in clothing and accessories as well.

67. Remodelista : Anyone hoping to remodel or renovate a home ought to seriously consider some of the techniques discussed in this amazing resource.

68. The Style Files : Stop by The Style Files for more than just inspiration for home décor – fashion and design trends get covered here as well.

69. : Anyone seeking edgy new design work absolutely must stop by this incredible blog that provides information and ideas for a funky new look.

70. : Fans of quirky, creative, and eclectic designs will love the photos and advice found through

71. Trendir : Interior designers and homeowners with generous budgets and refined, modernist tastes should use Trendir as one valuable resource.

72. Concept Interior : An interior decorating firm in Bath that shares many of its inspirations – not only limited to home accessories, either!

73. Trendoffice : As the name implies, Trendoffice focuses almost exclusively on new movements, motions, and ideas that crop up in the interior design industry.

74. On the Move Interiors Interior Design Blog : Though emphasizing multiple facets of interior design, On the Move Interiors also frequently discusses architecture as well.

interiordesign975. Lushpad Blog : For fans of the modern, postmodern, contemporary, creative, and eclectic, Lushpad Blog provides some excellent pieces of eye candy for inspiration.

76. freshome : With an eye for the contemporary and cutting edge, freshome caters to interior designers both amateur and professional who enjoy staying a fashionable step ahead of the crowd.

77. HomePortfolio : No matter what room needs furnishings or renovations, the fantastic HomePortfolio has suggestions and advice to suit almost any need.

78. Dorset Custom Furniture : Regardless of one’s tastes, it certainly behooves DIY or professional interior decorators to know exactly how quality custom furniture goes from creative idea to finished product.

79. Casa Diseno LLC : The innovative, intelligent, and creative Casa Diseno takes artistic concepts and finds ways to incorporate them into unique rooms.

80. phorm-design-life : Steven Stewart and Ian Wrightston show off the styles that inspire their eclectic projects and discuss some of their favorite interior decorating trends.

81. the lacquered peacock : Readers who enjoy gazing at pictures of and reading about the latest in home fashions will love many of the products and ideas featured on the lacquered peacock.

82. Interior Arcade : No matter the style, Interior Arcade will likely have many blog posts to browse for ideas on products and concepts.

83. Oliveaux : This blog by a Brisbane-based interior decorator acts as a virtual “design board” to share her favorite pieces, tips, and tricks from around the community.

84. DesignShell.Com : Anyone who delights in unusual, visually catching décor will enjoy many of the conversations pieces featured at DesignShell.Com.

85. The Designer Insider : With a concern for the consumer, this blog showcases a number of different pieces of furniture and home décor only available through the ones who designed them so nobody has to miss out on a product they want or need.

86. Twenty Twenty-One : This intelligent blog focuses on mid-century and modernist designs, including not only home décor, but the closely related fields of art and architecture as well.

interiordesign1087. Mid Century Modern : Retro-futurism, modernism, and mid-century design form the core of this fun blog that can find the beauty in the kitschy.

88. Dwell : Dwell magazine’s online presence covers the same trends, news, and product reviews regarding architecture and interior design as the print edition.

89. Design Milk : Keep up with all the latest news, trends, and developments in the design world with one of the most popular, relevant sites on the web.

90. shelteriffic : This eclectic lifestyle blog posts about the fun and creative new furniture and home décor products available today.

91. CasaSugar : CasaSugar predominantly features eclectic, feminine, and trendy home design tips, tricks, and products.

92. ShelterPop : DIY projects join up with the usual photos for inspiration and information, with a number of different styles and sensibilities represented.

93. Retro Renovation : Interior decorators amateur and professional alike hoping to channel their inner Betty Draper will absolutely adore the ideas and styles presented here.

94. Oh Joy! : Anyone who enjoys fun design work that brings a spark of happiness and light to a day ought to see the myriad home décor products featured at the Oh Joy! blog.

95. Blue Ant Studio : Study the interplay between architecture and interior design with Blue Ant Studio’s stunning photography of some very, very cool places and things.

96. Interior Warrior : In spite of being a relatively new blog, Interior Warrior posts up some excellent articles on the latest news from around the design world.

97. Living With White : Living With White boasts one of the most unique interior decoration blog concepts, focusing on design elements using a very popular neutral.

98. Re:fresh Design Studio : Katie Raadt has a lot to say about interior decorating, sharing the latest developments at her studio and showcasing many of the people, places, and things that inspire her.

99. Splendid Willow : Traditional standbys receive a distinctly postmodern, Swedish twist to create unique, aesthetic pieces for the home.

100. The Mid-Century Modernist : Another great blog catering to the aesthetic sensibilities of those who enjoy mid-century modern and retro-futurist designs.

Whether looking for a couple of accessories or wanting to re-do an entire room from the ground up, there is no reason to entirely rely on oneself for inspiration and handy tips. Feed off the ideas and input of others in order to create a unique and accurate portrait of the self in the surrounding environment. It is surprising how much one can learn when opening up to new venues of creativity.

Os 10 melhores blogs para você decorar ou reformar a sua casa.

Posted by: 

O site é um guia independente de empréstimos e finanças pessoais. Porém, quando se trata em fazer uma reforma ou decorar a sua casa ou apartamento, uma graninha extra sempre ajuda. E é desta maneira que estes dois assuntos tão distintos acabam se encontrando.

Antes de começar, é preciso fazer um bom planejamento para evitar gastos demasiados e uma conta inesperada no final do mês. Estamos sempre debatendo que é muito importante fazer a escolha certa da forma de pagamento para as reformas, imóveis ou artigos decorativos. Seja utilizando o cartão de crédito, pagando em parcelas ou fazendo um empréstimo com o banco.

Reformar e decorar podem são consideradas tarefas bem complicadas de serem realizadas. Com quem pintar o teto? Qual é a empresa que vai trocar o encanamento? Qual será a cor do novo piso da cozinha?

A idéia é de planejar e arranjar ambientes de acordo com padrões de estética e funcionalidade. Os profissionais contratados irão criar harmonia ao espaço e dar funcionalidade aos móveis, objetos e acessórios, como tapetes, cortinas, dando conforto e beleza para o seu lar.

A internet possui muitos sites sobre reforma e decoração, porém e selecionamos os “10 melhores blogs” com dicas e sugestões para você decorar ou reformar a sua casa. Eles apresentam um excelente conteúdo e um belíssimo layout , do jeito que a sua casa deveria sempre ser.

Guilherme da Luz

O nome já diz tudo: “arrumadíssimo” é um blog com soluções criativas e ousadas com muita vida e detalhes exuberantes em cada ambiente. Aqui você vai encontrar inspirações para o escritório, enfeites para a área de serviço, ideias para a sala de jantar e muito mais. Seja qual for o estilo da sua arrumação ou decoração, o site arrumadíssimo vai dar dicas para você encaixar cada detalhe decorativo e deixar tudo muito bonito e elegante.

É um blog para adultos e que apresenta o sorriso de uma criança. “É uma brincadeira séria em minha vida”, declarou a autora do site, Ana Medeiros.  Pensou no banheiro para as crianças, cores para a sala de estar ou idéias para decorar as plantas da sua casa? O site apresenta tudo isso e muito mais com  bom gosto e simpatia.  Viste este site e e navegue num mundo cheio de fantasias, como se fossem as histórias contadas pela vovó, e enfeite a sua casa com alegria.

Transforme a sua casa em um ambiente divertido e descontraído.  É desta maneira que o site decoracaodeaaz apresenta idéias bem criativas para o seu lar. O site apresenta uma sessão “Marcadores” com centenas de idéias, realmente de A a Z, para você adicional algo novo e inovador ao seu ambiente. Aventure-se neste mundo da decoração e comece a planejar o próximo passo para modernizar e embelezar a sua vida.

Reformar é sempre bom, desde que a nossa decisão sirva para tornar o nosso lar mais agradável e melhorar a nossa qualidade de vida. E se você quer novas idéias para a sua casa ou desestressar de uma longa reforma, este blog é um excelente remédio para o seu dia-a-dia. Idéias para as paredes, sugestões de cadeiras, mesas e de cores para enaltecer o ambiente e muito mais. O blog da reforma apresenta excelentes idéias e dá sugestões para você encarar a sua reforma com prazer e satisfação.

Idéias recortadas de revistas, sites de decoração e um amigável jogo de palavras “de(coeur)ação.  E foi assim que nasceu um dos blogs de decoração mais visitados na internet. O site impressiona muito pelo bom gosto e qualidade de assuntos relacionados com o assunto.  É como se fosse uma mistura de art deco, idéias inovadoras com um layout bem organizado e links interessantes, como por exemplo “veja também”, 10 motivos para decorar a sua casa.

A reforma já acabou mas temos que deixar este grande trabalho marcado para sempre para que você também se inspire com a Bianca Marotta. Visite o site e aprenda que uma reforma nunca vai ser um problemão quando você realiza com bastante dedicação. De tijolo a tijolo e de azulejo a azulejo, você vai perceber que a reforma de um apartamento em Copacabana acabou tornando-se mais uma cartão postal do Rio de janeiro.

Seria impossível chamar a nossa casa de um “recanto” para morar, se não fosse  possível transformá-lo em um ambiente personalizado, charmoso e acolhedor através da decoração e design de interiores. É por isso que o site Casa com Decoração busca inspirar você através de maravilhosos objetos decorativos e de idéias inovadoras que foram organizadas e preparadas com muito bom gosto pela Regiane  Ivanski. De fato, você vai realmente perceber que a nossa casa reflete perfeitamente com o nosso jeito de ser.

Não importa qual seja o tamanho da sua casa ou apartamento, é no blog “Tudo é dimais” que você vai encontrar a ideia genial para transformar e aprimorar ainda mais o seu ambiente. O blog da Ana Cláudia apresenta elegância e beleza em cada artigo publicado: seja no estilo do tecido,  na decoração do banheiro, ou até através das inspirações gregas para você inovar em cada detalhe.

Não é sempre fácil encontrar o espelho ideal para a sala, a cortina que cai perfeitamente no quarto das crianças ou o vaso que combina com as cores da cozinha. Mas pode ter a certeza de que no blog “achados de decoração” você vai encontrar opções fascinantes para embelezar cada ambiente do seu lar. Portanto,  puxe a cadeira para ter uma conversa bem descontraída com a Carmem Martins sobre cores, moda e decoração.

Pra que esquentar a cabeça com uma reforma se você pode se divertir com ela? É desta maneira descontraída que o novo blog da Bianca Marotta apresenta ideias geniais e bem modernas para você reformar e decorar a sua casa com total satisfação. Busque a inspiração que você  precisa para decorar ou reformar o banheiro, a cozinha e outros cômodos da sua casa com bastante alegria.

top 25 interior design & furniture blogs

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april 5 12:10 am

We scoured the web looking for the best interior design and furniture blogs, and below is what we found. From large multi-writer blogs likeMoco Loco to more personal fare like Gaile Guevara, the below 25 blogs (plus 5 honorable mentions) are the cream of the design crop.

Don’t agree with the order? Know a blog we should include? Vote or add to this list.

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1. design sponge

designspongeThis style website is the cream of the crop – using a gentle and creative presentation, Design Sponge serves up multiple posts every day about home design, new and innovative products and tips on home living in a modern world. You will discover gems within every post, whether they discuss mini trends like ombre and glass lamps or give a detailed “before and after” description (complete with beautiful photos) of room and furniture redecoration. Design Sponge is worth subscribing to, even if it is just to browse the artistic photos that go hand-in-hand with every post and use them for inspiration in your own decorating adventure.

2. moco loco

mocolocoFor a frequently updated online magazine dedicated to everything modern, give Moco Loco a visit. It covers not only modern furniture, but also architecture, interior design, accessories, other resources for modern living and so much more. The authors and editor strive to bring the latest news, reviews and recommendations of innovative products and services to their eager and creative audience. Moco Loco gathers its articles from a wide variety of sources, so you won’t see the same design twice on this stylish website.

3. apartment therapy

apartment-therapyWith the tagline “Saving the world, one room at a time,” Apartment Therapy makes it very clear that it has big dreams for its readers. Whether you are from Washington DC, New York, LA or anywhere in between, this website has the trends in your area covered. Its posts are beautifully highlighted by artistic photos of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and they point the readers in the direction of new and innovative home design for healthier, happier living. A key aspect to this website is the community that it nurtures – members can post comments, ask design questions, and discuss styles with fashion gurus and newbies alike. The philosophy of Apartment Therapy and its contributors is that luxurious living doesn’t have to come at the expense of simplicity, and this is seen throughout the entire website.

4. inhabitat

inhabitat1InHabitat is a design website with a mission – to bring together design solutions that are cutting-edge, high-tech, innovative and green. Sustainable living in the modern world is no easy task, and many of the solutions are buried beneath bargains, advertisements and other distractions. This website was created by founder Jill Fehrenbacher in order to sift through the architectural and interior design clutter to bring to the surface some of the most environmentally-friendly and forward-looking trends. Visitors will find all sorts of product reviews, fashion recommendations, and design tips that follow the philosophy that “good design is green design, green design is good design.”

5. ikea hacker


Just as its name implies, this website takes traditional Ikea furniture and redesigns it. Each post features an Ikea item with pictures of the before and after modifications – whether it is a Poang Chair spruced up with some stenciled orange flowers, a dog bed made from two Expedit Desks or art made from several Ikea tables and accessories. Possibly the best aspect of this website is the community interaction. The author will post pictures and descriptions of user-submitted Ikea Hacks, in order to highlight her readers’ creativity and showcase their skills. If you are looking for a way to breathe new life into some of your old furniture, the inspiration you need is somewhere in the posts you’ll find here.

6. yanko design


Moving design beyond the present and casting an anticipatory glance to the future is what Yanko Design is all about. Since its founding in 2002, the product reviews and pieces that are highlighted have often found their way into mainstream interior design. It is one of the top 100 most-read blogs according to Technorati, and because of its massive readership, its design suggestions are propelled into the public’s consciousness. It focuses on modern industrial design, and some of its featured products aren’t even on the market yet! This is a superior resource for modern designers with a keen eye for the up-and-coming, the cutting-edge and the future of design.

7. decor8


This is a style blog all about creativity. Its founder, Holly Becker, is a traveling interior design consultant who tests the artistic waters in both the United States and Germany frequently. She will often post independent artists, designers and other creative types who have yet to be discovered. Holly discusses everything from interior design to trade shows and hosts contests and conversations to engage her large readership. The ultimate goal of Decor8 is to “inspire readers to live a more fulfilling, creative life,” and you’re sure to catch the creativity bug too when you visit.

8. dezeen


With the aim to provide its readers with news from the design community before anyone else, Dezeen is the place to go for breaking architectural and interior design news. You know what you’re reading on Dezeen is fresh, enthusiastic and inspired, because the team is dedicated to researching and reporting on new products and projects every day. The founder and editor Marcus Fairs is a well-established design journalist who has worked for many magazines and other publications, and has appeared on radio shows and television. His vision guides Dezeen, and its rapid growth in monthly users proves that more and more of the online community is beginning to crave the up-to-the-minute breaking news that only Dezeen can provide.

9. design spotter

designspotterTrends, fashions, design movements. These all have to start somewhere, and Design Spotter believes they start with young talent. That’s why the authors use this blog to highlight young and undiscovered design artists. They are dedicated to creating a base for communication among hot new designers and a place to showcase their products and ideas. Anything modern, contemporary, fresh and new is welcome at Design Spotter. Individuals can submit their design ideas and get a spot on the front page, add an event to their calendar, or they can browse the archives to find inspiration for a new project.

10. web urbanist

weburbanistThis site compiles hidden urban gems from across the internet and in neighborhoods around the world. Its goal is to exhaust any and all creative urban art, innovative architecture, alternative design and subversive style. If you’re looking for off-beat, wacky, unique and underground design concepts, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest at Web Urbanist. The team behind Web Urbanist is as diverse as their subject matter, and is composed of web designers, architects, bloggers and other creative types. Each article is packed with pictures, links, descriptions and as much information as possible so that you can learn about the topic and incorporate its design into your style canvass.

11. swiss miss

swissmiss1Sometimes you’ll hit a creative roadblock in your quest for style. If that’s the case, Swiss Miss might have what you’re looking for to get those wheels back in motion. Imagine being immersed in the mind of a designer, seeing everything through the eyes of someone always on the lookout for interesting shapes, colors and style – that’s the experience that Swiss Miss offers. According to founder Tina Roth Eisenberg, this site is a “visual archive of things that ‘make me look’.” Everything from intriguing postcards to visually delicious sculptures are featured. Your creative journey will be revved up after a peek into the mind of this well-traveled, articulate and curious designer.

12. desire to inspire

desiretoinspireWe’ve all heard the phrase “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” and the authors of Desire to Inspire really take this to heart. Each post is resplendent with its dazzling barrage of visuals. The authors do take the time to describe and comment on the designs that they showcase, but the images they present are simply stunning and often outshine everything else. With the goal of “trying to inspire the world one room at a time,” Desire to Inspire certainly does so through its use of images and frequent posts. If you’re in the mood to just sit back and let great architecture and interior design wash over you, this website will do the trick.

13. better living through design


Are you ready to do a massive redecoration? Or maybe you just want to add another little accent table to your living room? Better Living through Design is the resource to check out when you know you want to add something to your furniture and design collection. This site features creative and unique pieces of furniture that are available immediately for purchase online. This means that if you fall in love with a piece, it can be yours with the click of a mouse. BLTD is all about scouring the internet to bring you the best products each day, and showing you where you can order them. The two authors have immense experience in the design world, so you know the products you see are vetted by experts.

14. freshome


Freshome has a simple objective – to inspire its readers to beautify their homes. What makes this site so unique is its perfectly balanced posts, covering gadgets, furniture pieces, tips and more with informative text and gorgeous pictures. There is no pressure to buy any of the products shown, as Freshome is simply there to offer you inspiration. The authors will sometimes even post tips on how to achieve a design without the large budget that their featured product might require. From wall decals to curved countertops, Freshome will invite new elements into your home décor that will make your living space a warm, modern style-zone.

15. design milk


Art and beauty are the main criteria for blog posts on Design Milk. If something is inspiring, creative and unique, the authors will feature it. Sometimes it is in the form of street art on the side of a building, other times it is in the form of a crumpled paper chair – but it’s always beautiful. Design Milk is not a purchase site, and they do not get commission for any of the products they direct their readers to. Everything is done for the love of design. The high-quality photos are enough to pull you in, and the tips and explanations the authors give you in the text are enough to make you stay.

16. trendir


Catering to the high-end, luxury market, Trendir does a splendid job rounding up all the latest sophisticated and stylish home décor. This site covers home exteriors and interiors, gadgets and appliances, dining and home entertainment, home automation, outdoors, ultra modern items and a special section on green design. The author and editor of this site is Lillian Pikus, a long-time interior decorator who handles projects with big budgets – in the $20,000 to $250,000 range. She is versatile, doing everything from traditional to modern to commercial decorating, and this range will show up in her posts. If you are looking to dive into the luxury home interior and exterior market, let Lillian and Trendir be your guides.

17. the style files


With daily posts, large, eye-catching pictures and no fear of fashion, the style files is a site that will please fashion experts and newbies alike. The author, Danielle de Lange searches the globe for style finds in order to unearth the best of “design and (life) style”. Danielle is not afraid to tell readers about her personal experiences with her own home remodeling (her kitchen and living rooms are both in the early stages of a total redecoration), her online business that sells home accents and furniture, or her adventures as a design consultant. Her self-professed design style is “basic and modern with clean lines,” and she believes that every space can be simple, warm and unique.

18. remodelista


The first thing you’ll notice about Remodelista is its lack of frills – a clean and crisp web design coupled with easy-to-read posts and strategically placed pictures make this site a pleasure to delve into. Upon reading even a few posts, it is clear that this is a site for interior design addicts. The authors and readers of this site are “interiors aficionados who share the same design DNA: a genetically encoded aesthetic.” It began as a group of friends who loved to discuss home fashion, and grew into a blog that displays complete design ideas, home accessories, shopping secrets and a unique section called “10 easy pieces” that offers advice on renovations. Remodelista is a fun and friendly interior design site, and its seriousness towards style means that you only get the best of the best.

19. sub-studio design blog


The authors of this blog simply want to share the “products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat” with you, the reader. Keeping this simple mission statement in mind, it’s clear that the Sub-Studio Design Blog is eclectic in scope and lighthearted in nature. The features include everything from affordable art that you can wrap around your favorite book to holiday gift ideas. Some of what is featured are products, including links to the purchase site, but a lot of what these designers find interesting is not for sale – monolith sculptures, renovated barns and an artist’s tool box are some of what’s been featured but not for sale.

20. funfurde

funfurde1You’ll find no frills at Funfurde, but lots of design ideas. This blog is updated rather infrequently, but when it is updated, it’s always with an eye for style. The posts are simple – one mid-sized picture and a short description of the product. You might find the links along the sidebar even more useful however – they cover everything from retail furniture stores to online-only web stores, manufacturers and other design blogs. This is a blog that hasn’t taken off just yet, but with its coverage of new and upcoming interior design ideas, its one to keep your eye on.

21. contemporist


This site covers a large area of design with a simple eye towards contemporary style. Its posts include lovely photos of anything and everything to do with contemporary design along with interesting and informed articles. The topics that the Contemporist focuses on are architecture, furniture, interior lighting and other miscellaneous contemporary design. Many of the photos are particularly stunning, especially of the interior design and architecture, and anyone with a sense of style should give a quick glance over the archives to see what trends are coming up.

22. grassrootsmodern


One of the best things about GrassrootsModern is its focus on providing affordable home design tips and products to its readers. Rather than feature beautiful but exorbitantly priced merchandise, most of the products you’ll see here are within the price range of a middle-class family. The two authors, Creede Fitch and Capree Kimball are do-it-yourselfers who take pride in their minimalist and modern approach to affordable design. Creede even takes readers through the process of remodeling his house, so you can follow the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a designer’s quest for a modern, affordable design.

23. 2modern design talk


Almost an open-ended discussion on design more than just a blog, 2Modern Design Talk is a forum for people of all walks of life to discuss what they love in the contemporary design world. The contributors to this blog are what make it unique – because they all have different perspectives, the posts will range from paper wall art to food fashion. 2Modern Design Talk accepts contributions from everyday people, as well as designers, manufacturers, editors, architects, artists, innovators, furniture connoisseurs and more. 2Modern is about seeing design and potential in everything, and it is sure to show you how to look with new eyes at the shapes, colors, patterns and beauty in your own life.

24. coochicoos


This website is for the parent who doesn’t want to give up their love of design just because they have children. Coochicoos features modern and hip baby products, children’s furniture, and anything to make your life a little easier and a little more stylish. It features design news, baby shower gift ideas, furniture, nursery designs and more. It even includes a special section just for moms and dads. The posts are beautiful, and always have two things in mind: you and your child. There are many resources on this website as well, including places to shop (both on and offline), special sites for the modern parent and other design blogs that parents would go ga-ga over.

25. home design find


The layout of this blog tells you immediately that it’s all about style. It looks like an artist’s notebook, with Polaroids of homes and design paper-clipped to the corner and tags sticking out of the places that are noteworthy. Within this “notebook” exists the sightings, suggestions and musings of the authors on all sorts of contemporary style. Including architecture, furniture, interior design and more, Home Design Finds contains a wealth of information for the curious designer. The ideas come from all around the globe, and the authors are more than willing to receive email tips about new trends from

honorable mentions

26. haute nature


Home décor and design doesn’t have to have a negative impact on our environment, and Haute Nature is here to tell you how you can blend high style with sustainability. All of their products and design tips are focused on the green movement. Whether it is a recycled table made from scraps out of the garage or a bench made from an old oak tree struck by lightning, the end result is beautiful, original style that is eco-friendly. Haute Nature is for anyone who craves unique design but wants to leave only a small carbon footprint (or preferably none at all!) when adding products into their home.

27. hatch: the design public blog


Design Public is an online vendor of unique, modern and stylish home décor, and they have their own blog to keep their customers in the loop. The blog focuses not only on new lines and products coming to Design Public, but also on the design world at large. Its scope is wide – it has articles about the latest iPhone application for interior designers, an overview of the interior design of the White House, posts about accessories, the best workspaces of ’08 and much, much more. Updated daily, Hatch is a wonderful fountain of inspiration for the aspiring designer.

28. gaile guevara


This is a little blog that is straight from the author’s heart – it showcases designs that Gaile Guevara hopes will inspire anyone looking for a push in the (modern) interior decorating direction. She chooses to feature items that embody what she feels is the modern spirit: “precision of minimal detail, quality and honesty of materials, timeless and sophisticated interiors.” Her blog, an extension of her relationship with clients, colleagues, friends and family, was created in order to share the pieces and designs that she sees and enjoys. This site features designs inspired by New York and Vancouver living.

29. design boston


A local-oriented blog that offers design ideas for anyone, anywhere, Design Boston is a great resource for anyone interested in the world of interior design. Its features include local Boston-area events (even if you don’t live in Boston, you can get a taste for what goes on in the design scene in your area), green products and ideas, shopping tips, furniture reviews and many others. Its creator Gradon Tripp simply wants to help anyone interested find their inner designer and grasp what interior design is all about, and he does this with style and enthusiasm.

30. breathe modern

breathemodernWith a smattering of products, weird and wacky design, updated retro hits and modern architecture, this site has it all. It is updated frequently, and its posts are nicely laid out, with the focus on the picture and minimal text. The products and architecture that make up the bulk of the posts are creative and often rare finds that you won’t see anywhere else. You’re sure to see something that will inspire you – either to make a purchase or to redecorate part of your home. Breathe Modern succeeds in bringing modern products to your screen, and shouldn’t be passed up.


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